Consportium has two core principles that we deliver to each sporting club, where our proprietary technology enables the monetisation and communication of their on-line environment.

Sporting clubs are the heart and soul of their local community and the development of men and women of all ages is paramount to their existence. However as “Not for Profit” organisations the biggest challenge for these clubs is to get sufficient resources to fulfil the various functions to enable this development to its maximum.



To enable the full monetisation of a clubs website, Consportium embeds all relevant data within the site such as, Fixtures, Ladders, Latest Results, Match Reports and any other relevant content.

This means that all users of the site including players, members, supporters, sponsors and club staff stay within the site, meaning significantly increased traffic that can be monetised through advertising and sponsorship.

In addition to this core technology, Consportium have also built the following features that we offer to all clubs enabling increased and new revenue streams:

  • E-commerce platform
  • Business Directory
  • Event Directory
  • Jobs Board


The second core principle is the effective communication to all stakeholders; including players, team managers, members, supporters, sponsors and club representatives.

This is achieved in two ways:

  1. Via and enhanced website that modernises the user experience, making it easy for all users to navigate the site and find the relevant content for them. Includes a purpose-built mobile version.
  2. Via a database management system that is made available to all clubs, meaning they are able to effectively and efficiently communicate to all club stakeholders. The database management system enables multiple functionality options including:
    • Interactive Volunteer Roster
    • Membership Acquisition System


Consportium believe that each club has different needs and challenges, meaning each club’s online presence needs to be tailored to enable them to solve those issues.

Consportium will work with each club to ascertain those unique needs and build an online offering very specific to that club. We do not take the “Standard” industry approach as it simply does not work.